Top Project Management Trends for 2021

After surveying 15+ blog articles, here are the top Project Management Trends for 2021. I think it is a fairly solid list. ☑️ Distributed and remote teams are becoming the norm. ☑️ It is all about hybrid project delivery. ☑️ Virtual project management will increasingly rely on a number of SaaS tools. ☑️ Soft skills … Continue reading Top Project Management Trends for 2021

Thoughts on The Project Economy

For those of us in the project management circle, we are hearing a lot about “The Project Economy” and how the radical and disruptive changes are evolving the future of work. While I am not an expert on this topic, nor am I as forward-thinking enough to fully comprehend how the way we work is changing, here … Continue reading Thoughts on The Project Economy

Day in the Life of a Project Manager

What do Project Managers do all day?!? Almost every day in the life of a project manager is different. Every day can be a new adventure. However, there are some themes that emerge from the unpredictability. I generated a histogram chart to explain what occupies my time during one week for a non-project manager audience. … Continue reading Day in the Life of a Project Manager

Leadership Guidance from Jamaica

I recently attended LearnFest Caribbean 2019 in Kingston, Jamaica. It was a top-notch project management conference with a festive environment and an excellent line-up of inspirational speakers. The conference was held under the theme “Level up and Set Yourself Apart”. I want to highlight the leadership guidance from the opening keynote speaker, Hon. Floyd Green, … Continue reading Leadership Guidance from Jamaica

Project Manager as an Asset Not a Taskmaster

Several months ago I participated in a lecture panel discussion at the Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design. My role on the panel was to bring a project manager’s perspective on design projects, specifically for development of software applications in the healthcare sector. One of the key messages I shared with the graduate students was … Continue reading Project Manager as an Asset Not a Taskmaster

Tips for New Project Managers

Here are some tips and lessons learned that I would share with anyone starting off a career in project management: Spend time up front to identify your stakeholders. Understand who the project champion (or sponsor) is. Typically he/she is not the project requester, but someone whose business will benefit from or be impacted by the … Continue reading Tips for New Project Managers

Digital Disruption & Project Management

Some thoughts on the role of Project Managers in the age of “digital disruption”… New technologies allow us to innovate at record speed. From my vantage point, there are three themes that have manifested themselves from this economic disruption: Accelerating speed to market Personalization of products and services, and Increased access to data & Too much data. There … Continue reading Digital Disruption & Project Management

Design Thinking Resources

“Evolve or be Disrupted” The pace of change and disruption in the business environment demands that Project Managers acquire and grow new skills. Indeed, we need new tools and models to operate in a more flexible, discovery-driven world. To be successful, our profession needs to look past the rigor and discipline of managing projects and … Continue reading Design Thinking Resources

Effective Project Management

Earlier in  2018, I worked on a turnaround project that needed some additional project management discipline and rigor. One of my key responsibilities was to work with the existing project managers to help build up their skills, tools, and expertise with managing creative teams. After the initial discovery and mentoring sessions, I generated some guidance … Continue reading Effective Project Management