Top Project Management Trends for 2021

After surveying 15+ blog articles, here are the top Project Management Trends for 2021. I think it is a fairly solid list.

☑️ Distributed and remote teams are becoming the norm.

☑️ It is all about hybrid project delivery.

☑️ Virtual project management will increasingly rely on a number of SaaS tools.

☑️ Soft skills and emotional intelligence will continue to play a key role in career success.

☑️ 2021 will be the year that Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools will begin to play a role in “augmenting” project management.

☑️ There will be an ever-tighter connection between projects and strategy, opening the door for Project Managers to move into more strategic roles.

☑️ Project management and change management will continue to coalesce.

☑️ We need to prepare for the boom of the gig economy. We will have more and more contractors as team members.

☑️ And lastly, increasing use of Kanban Boards and Design Thinking in projects.

Let me know if you see any missing trends.

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