Day in the Life of a Project Manager

What do Project Managers do all day?!?

Almost every day in the life of a project manager is different. Every day can be a new adventure. However, there are some themes that emerge from the unpredictability.

I generated a histogram chart to explain what occupies my time during one week for a non-project manager audience. (See below)

Let’s look at the tasks that consumed my early career (blue). As a young PM, my time was dominated by maintaining project schedules, checking in with the team and subcontractors for project status, communications/calls and monitoring budgets.

Tasks that I currently focus on as a Sr. Program Manager (green) include relationship building, stakeholder management, HR/team development, and communications/calls.

Do you notice shift from tracking and monitoring to more of the “people side” of management?

  • What other insights do you draw from the chart?
  • What tasks would you add that are missing?
  • Where would you encourage more focus that is underrepresented?
Click on image to enlarge

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