50 for Fifty

Later this year I turn 50.  Fifty, half a century, the big Five-Oh, yes 50 years old. (!)

Rather than a plan a big celebration like we did for my 40th birthday, I want to do something less hedonistic and create something that has relevance. Something that connects us together as well as to others in the community — even around the world. So with that in mind, I am launching the “50 for Fifty Charities” project.

What is “50 for Fifty Charities”?

Over the coming year, Monica (my wife) and I will donate $50 to non-profit organizations (charities) that are worthy/deserving/meriting of support. We will keep a running list of organizations we have supported and publish it to you all from time to time to give broader exposure to the work happening in our communities.

The goal is to donate to a total of fifty (50) non-profit/charity organizations over the coming year.

How can you participate?

You can participate by sending me the name and contact information of your favorite non-profit/charity. (A website link works best.) Include a very short reason why Monica and I should support this particular organization. We will review your recommendation and make a determination on the donation.

Thanks for your help in celebrating my 50th in this manner!

-Bruce & Monica


–> Read the monthly updates for the “50 for Fifty Charities” project:

Rules: Only one recommendation per person will be entertained for donations. Monica and I reserve the right to choose the 50 organizations to which we will donate and recommendations do not equate automatic acceptance. Donations will be limited to US$50.00 per non-profit/charity. Once we have donated to fifty (50) non-profits/charities, we will discontinue the “50 for Fifty Charities” project.