Digital Disruption & Project Management

Some thoughts on the role of Project Managers in the age of “digital disruption”… New technologies allow us to innovate at record speed. From my vantage point, there are three themes that have manifested themselves from this economic disruption: Accelerating speed to market Personalization of products and services, and Increased access to data & Too much data. There … Continue reading Digital Disruption & Project Management

Design Thinking Resources

“Evolve or be Disrupted” The pace of change and disruption in the business environment demands that Project Managers acquire and grow new skills. Indeed, we need new tools and models to operate in a more flexible, discovery-driven world. To be successful, our profession needs to look past the rigor and discipline of managing projects and … Continue reading Design Thinking Resources

9 Tips For Managing Creative Teams

An alternative title for this article could be:  “Make space for creativity, investigation, and failure on your team.” As project managers, we need to balance process rigor and control with allowing our teams to do their best work with us micro-managing them. We need to apply project management processes at a higher level to give … Continue reading 9 Tips For Managing Creative Teams