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Design Thinking Resources

“Evolve or be Disrupted” The pace of change and disruption in the business environment demands that Project Managers acquire and grow new skills. Indeed, we need new tools and models to operate in a more flexible, discovery-driven world. To be successful, our profession needs to look past the rigor and discipline of managing projects and … Continue reading Design Thinking Resources

Effective Project Management

Earlier in  2018, I worked on a turnaround project that needed some additional project management discipline and rigor. One of my key responsibilities was to work with the existing project managers to help build up their skills, tools, and expertise with managing creative teams. After the initial discovery and mentoring sessions, I generated some guidance … Continue reading Effective Project Management

Change Management on Healthcare IT Programs

Replacing medical IT infrastructure is never easy. Learn how my team’s approach for change management is supporting a “full speed ahead” deployment of a medical imaging platform across UPMC’s hospital system. Relevant links: UPMC Enterprises Newsletter Hospital Site “Go Live” Change Management Process 

9 Tips For Managing Creative Teams

An alternative title for this article could be:  “Make space for creativity, investigation, and failure on your team.” As project managers, we need to balance process rigor and control with allowing our teams to do their best work with us micro-managing them. We need to apply project management processes at a higher level to give … Continue reading 9 Tips For Managing Creative Teams

Volunteering for Professional Organizations

The PMI Pittsburgh Chapter held its 7th annual Professional Development Day (PDD) on November 7, 2018. The volunteer organizing committee rallied around the theme of “Adaptive Delivery”, which served as a common thread woven though our speaker’s topics and presentations. For those not familiar with a PDD, it is 1- or 2-day “mini-conference” organized by a local PMI chapter for … Continue reading Volunteering for Professional Organizations

Becoming a Program Manager

I have had a several conversations recently, both with colleagues and other project management professionals, around the topic of how to become a program manager. Here are some of my thoughts on the career progression to program management. Program management is a natural progression for many experienced project managers. Being a successful program manager, however, is … Continue reading Becoming a Program Manager