50 for Fifty Charities July Update

Thank you everyone who has continued to provide me names of charities to support for the “50 for Fifty Charities” project. Please keep sending me recommendations for donations!

Here are the ten organizations that we have donated to in the last couple of months:

Thank you to the following people who recommended one of the organizations above and for helping me make an impact during my 50th year!

Patrick Keane, Rasu Shrestha, Vanessa Kristoff, Ethan Winograd, Susanna Zlotnikov, Hiro Kawashima, Mike Capsambelis, Melissa Flook, Adam Braatz and Pat Hughes

I want to again THANK an anonymous donor for their generous matching donation toward the “50 for Fifty Charities” project.

#50forFiftyCharities  #giving  #helpingothers

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